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Why us ?

Our Board is dedicated to ON-LINE Examinations - The Board of Technology Examination & Certification of India is a Board of industry leaders focused on Vocational & IT Examination & certifications committed to growing professional certifications, recognizing the need for a qualified workforce to support the world’s technology needs. The Board of Technology Examination & Certification of India is a resource for Students, Employers, Government officials, Academia, and individuals seeking information about the many benefits of Certification. The Board establishes industry best practices, markets the value of certification, exam security and other certification issues the Board identifies.

How Examination online help you

With our on-line examination portal, you’ be surprised at how easy it is to put your exams online. We can create your Exam, using your question data. Our examination portal streamlined features will make you more productive by being able to efficiently administer and manage multiple exams.


Examination online was designed with three key concepts in mind. Make it powerful, make it flexible and most of all, make it easy to use. This winning formula was designed with one thing in mind, you - the user.

That's why we built a user-friendly interface that allows you to conduct your exams and start administering them in just a few hours.

  • Exam – Any time any where
  • Validity for an Exam
  • ON-DEMAND Exam
  • Instant Result
  • Provisional Certificate for Printing
  • Random Question Paper to each Candidate
  • Facility of checking of submitted answers is available
  • Flexibility on change of answers, Time limit for a paper, Power Failure Handling