about b.t.e.c

An exam is official test knowledge. We have exams every where around the world. Young’s & adults can have exams; there is not a particular age to have exams. You can see just how much progress a student has made, you can judge the progress of many students at once, you can see if any subject should be re-taught or explained differently.

Why on-line - An Online Examination is one wherein a student answers his exam on the computer and submits his answers. The submitted answers are evaluated by the examination software and the results are available immediately. This saves the evaluation time. Besides this a large amount of details like examination trends can be made available immediately if required.

Our Board is dedicated to ON-LINE Examinations - The Board of Technology Examination & Certification of India is a Board of industry leaders focused on Vocational & IT Examination & certifications committed to growing professional certifications, recognizing the need for a qualified workforce to support the world’s technology needs. The Board of Technology Examination & Certification of India is a resource for Students, Employers, Government officials, Academia, and individuals seeking information about the many benefits of Certification. The Board establishes industry best practices, markets the value of certification, exam security and other certification issues the Board identifies.

Our Vision Statement: To be the recognized knowledge authority for IT industry professional certifications.

Our Mission Statement: To enhance the collective value of certification for the industry, the Students, Employer and the IT professional.

To achieve its mission, We will:
  • Ensure through testing for IT certification leaders are members of the Board
  • Collective knowledge, share and prove industry best practices in Information Technology
  • Market the value of certification
  • Influence and deliver relevancy around secure IT certification testing
  • Support the growth of professional certifications
  • Deliver tools and forums to reduce “Tedious Process” in the business of certification
  • Respond to member and industry needs to expand support of IT certifications