BTEC Membership - BTEC welcomes you as Members, Institutions, Academies, Companies and Firms that are working in Education & registered in India & Abroad, which have made and will make valuable contributions to the Education in Information Technology Industry in India and globally.

The key values of BTEC membership to promote examination, certification, technical innovation, access to cutting-edge information, networking opportunities, and exclusive member benefits.

Membership Fees – Rs. 1000/- for one year

Membership Validity – One year

Membership Kit includes – Membership Certification, Promotional Material – Stickers, Banner, Sample Certificate, Marksheet,

Benefits of Members
  • Exclusive Examination & Certification services to members
  • Support to develop simple Educational Methodology in Technology
  • ON-LINE Examination / Testing / Certification facility to Members, Institutions, Academies, Companies and Firms
  • Encourage members to provide world-class Education, Services and Solutions to Students, Professionals and help to build awareness of Technology Education.
  • Support the growth of professional certifications
  • Membership is a network of Educational Institutions across India. This platform connects and enables members to team up network, learn and grow from each other. The goal of our membership is to help member to achieve greater business success.